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Emilio Ballack Death Video: German footballer Michael Ballack’s Son Emilio Ballack Death Cause Explained


There has been a sad demise of the Emilio Ballack¬†who was 18 years old, he was the son of the legendary Chelsea and Bayern Munich player Michael Ballack has died tragically as he was part of a quad accident in the early hours on 5th August, he was riding off-road near the family’s holiday home which is situated in Troia.

Emilio Ballack Death Video

Emilio Ballack Death Video

He lost his control as he was riding the vehicle and he got crushed beneath it. It has been stated the quad was on an uneven piece of land and at the time it went backward and it fell on the victim and he got completely crushed which is just sad to hear, this has been told by a local police officer to The Mirror, he was not able to be revived and was declared dead at the time of the incident.

Police have declined to confirm the identity of Blalack, it has been stated by a spokesperson, an 18-year-old man has lost his life following an accident on his private property which is in Troia, there was an alert that came shortly after 2:00 am in the morning, he stated he is not going to go in details about the man who has died, he further stated he can only confirm he has had an accident and we were all alone in the vehicle.

Emilio Ballack Death Cause Explained

Emilio was the middle child of the three kids that legend has, Ballack had these kids with her wife then naming Simone Lambe and the brother is survived by his brothers Jordi and Louis, even the official page of Bayern Munich has addressed the death of Emilio Ballack, they stated in the post, Emilio Ballack who was 18 years old and was the son of Michael Ballack has died in an accident and ended by saying FC Bayern is united is mourning with its longtime player and family.

It feels sadder when a person who is pretty young dies as he had his whole life ahead of him and he must have had dreams and hopes which he would have tried for but life didn’t give him a chance to experience all of it and it is pretty sad, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and we hope that his soul receives peace.

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