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Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl Pictures: Elon Musk Reportedly Lives In A $50,000 Prefab Tiny Home: See Inside


It seems like tiny homes have become a trend and have become popular which is an alternative from a classic family home or an apartment. The little living units have become really popular, they have got the attention of one of the world’s biggest richest men naming Elon Musk who is living in a $50,000 tiny unit which he has rented from Space X which is situated in Boca Chica in Texas, it was tweeted by the multimillionaire in the month of June.

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl
The exterior of the Casita

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl Pictures

And people are pretty curious about what is so special about these houses which have made a man living there who can basically afford the biggest mansion. Well, he is living in a home which is known as Casita and it is a 375 square feet unit that has cost him $49,500 which has been created by Boxabl who is based in Las Vegas.

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl
The interior of the Casita

In the month of November 2020, it was announced by Boxabl, they have installed a Casita in Boca Chica in Texas for a customer who is a top-secret, the company further stated they are pretty excited to have them as their initial customer. It has been stated in a Youtube video by the founder of Galiano Tiramani, he stated he thinks this is an indication of them doing something big and they are pretty happy about it.

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl

He did not confirm the residency of Elon Musk about the Castia as he spoke with the Insider, but they have surely not shied away from alluding to the potential role when we’re talking about the tech powerhouse tiny home.

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl
The bathroom

The identity of the company doesn’t center around the billionaire Elon Musk, the history of the company goes back to the year 2017 when the team in Las Vegas decided to create tiny homes as they saw an opportunity in the market as they are building construction worldwide directed to the assembly line which is just like any other product in the factory which was stated by Tiramani as he gave an interview to the Insider.

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl
The exterior of the Casita

He stated the small housing didn’t really work out in the factory yet so they have gone through the issue and have solved all of the problems and he further stated the other homemakers who are prefab struggle with a glaring issue which is shipping logistics.

Elon Musk Tiny House Boxabl

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