Recently the news is popping in the social media platforms and many other news channels, as this, a piece of big news is related to the tech giant Elon musk as he is acquiring the big social media platform and previously the news is coming to the Elon musk may layoff the deal but the deal is now seen in an advance mode and the  previous confusions on the case accounts and many other details are seen sought a know Elon is seen in action for the acquisition and now the deal will go through, Follow More Update On

Elon Musk Buys Twitter and Reddit memes

Recently the tech giant and a tech billionaire Elon musk, acknowledge the new staff of the social media platform a huge platform mostly found in news and now facing a submission to the tesla owner Elon must,  he talked to the huge staff of social media platform for the first time as he is indicating to the changes they are going to face with this accusation and making them aware of the things that may be going to take place, told to twitter employees

In his short introduction with the employee, he flashed towards many good and bad, aspects he so far able to acknowledge and making his words clear on that matters which he finds not according to his way of working and said that social media platforms Twitter is in a need for a healthy environment, and also focused to the high cost of financial accusation of Twitter as cost MUSK’s $44 billion, a takeover which leads Elon musk a shortage of funds and he is planning to cut short the major financial assets which will cost him much with this new causation and as Twitter is having huge no of employees an also the other expenses Elon is playing to layoff some expences and here is a few examples which will include the laying off.

Elon musk said this includes the job cuts, as the 7000 workers of twitter will cost him a high price, and employees are concerned about Twitter, he also praised the workers as the employees are doing an absolutely fie job. announced a provision of work from home is good but clarified that he strongly believes in working in person and confirmed from the managers and data said that remote employees were doing good. Elon came down during a virtual meeting on a screen with Twitter employees as he also answered all the submitted questions. to this Twitter CEO, Parag Aggarwal said layoff was not planned.


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