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Is Elise Joson Pregnant? Actress flexes daughter with McCoy de Leon on Instagram


Is Elise Joson Pregnant? Actress flexes daughter with McCoy de Leon on Instagram: Elisse Jason who is a renowned actress has penned a touching letter for baby Felize who is her daughter with boyfriend Mccoy de Leon, when it comes to Instagram, Joson has finally shared with her fans a glimpse of her baby girl, he captioned it saying, this is our little angel and she is ready to say hello to the world. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Elise Joson Pregnant

Is Elise Joson Pregnant?

It has been admitted by Joson that she had no choice but to deal with uncertainty before her daughter decided to come into her life, the actress is at the age of 25 as of this point in time, she stated it is now clear to her what she wants to be, she stated what changes she has gone through because of the little baby girl that has come into her life as a blessing.

She was confused as to what path she should take before she was not there in her life, she had no idea what she wanted to be, now there is nothing clearer to her than to be the best me, in order to be the best mom for her, she further added that she is lucky to have her dad in her life and they both are very lucky to have her, she is their greatest blessing.

On Sunday night, for the first time, De Leon and Joson have revealed that they already have a baby, the couple has made the revelation during their guesting on “Pinoy Big Brother: Community Season 10. There have been reports of Joson and De Leon which surfaced in the month of August last year after the actor is seeing posting a snap of him kissing the actress on the forehead.

It was admitted by the actor in the month of June that De Leon and herself have gotten back together before the pandemic, was stated by De Leon that both of them learned a lot and they decided to rekindle their relationship. The couple seems to be very happy and this is definitely going to help their relationship to blossom more because of the entry of this new person into both of their lives. It is unlikely that there are going to be updated in the story but if there are going to be any further developments then we are going to update you about it in the coming days and weeks as soon as something comes under our radar.

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