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Elias Road Accident: Rider Taken To Hospital After Mercedes-Benz Rear-Ends Motorcycle


Elias Road Accident: Rider Taken To Hospital After Mercedes-Benz Rear-Ends Motorcycle: There has been an accident recently of a 25-year-old motorcyclist who was taken to the hospital after a Mercedes-Benz rammed into the motorcycle which he was riding at the junction of Paris Ris Drive 3 and Elias Road on Sunday evening on 3rd October. The footage of the incident was shared on SG Road Vigilante’s Youtube channel.

Elias Road Accident

Elias Road Accident

In the video, you are going to see the motorcyclist who appears to be a Deliveroo delivery rider who is waiting at a traffic junction. The Mercedes Benz appeared out of nowhere and it rear-ends the rider who send him to fly, from the pictures and the videos, it is clear that the bonnet and windscreen of the Merc are severely damaged.

There were passers-by who were seen attending to the rider who was lying in the middle of the junction, in response to Stomp query, the police stated they got alerted about the accident at 7:29 pm, the investigation of the police is ongoing as of this point in time, there is a 25-year-old male motorcyclist who has been taken to the hospital.

There are many things which haven’t been stated by the authorities as of yet, it has not been told if the case involves drink and drive or any kind of drug, is there overspeeding involved, by the looks of the car and the way the motorcyclist has gone flying, the car was over speeding for sure.

This is just irresponsible behavior from the car driver, he has put the life of the motorcyclist in danger, he is fighting for his life in the hospital and we hope that he recovers soon. There are going to be many further revelations in the case as the story develops in the coming days.

It is a developing story and the investigation has started off by the authorities, we are going to be updating you about the case as soon as something comes under our radar. Such cases of accidents have been coming as news every now and then these days which is just sad to see, there are so many people who are losing their lives because of the stupidity and irresponsible behavior of someone else.

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