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ELF Movie Disabled: ‘ELF’ Makes Fun Of Disabled Little Girl


ELF Movie Disabled: ‘ELF’ Makes Fun Of Disabled Little Girl: Details: Elf became a modern holiday classic almost instantly after it premiered in the year 2003, this happened almost 20 years later, it still baffles people as to how offensive it is to cognitively disabled adults, the movie is starring Will Ferrel as Buddy, is about a man who raised an Elf in the North Pole and ignorant of the human way of life. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

ELF Movie Disabled

ELF Movie Disabled

He accidentally overhears that he is a human, he goes to New York City in search of his birth father, Walter Hobbes, a grinchy publisher in need of some lessons in kindness and love, Buddy’s enthusiasm for Christmas is extreme, even when compared to his elf peers, it is understandable that the festive spirit of the movie oozes from the screen and into moviegoers, the film has grossed over $223 Million worldwide as per box office Mojo.

ELF Movie Disabled Explained

It seems like the movie is pretty offensive to many, there are people stating that they couldn’t even watch the movie for more than 10 minutes, it has been stated by many that the movie seems to be making fun of disabled adults through the character “Buddy”.

Man Raised By Elves

His physical is not the issue here, it is clearly established that there is a difference between Buddy and other elves, he is referred to as special several times while at the north pole, his toy-making skills are not up to par and he has to take a post which is reserved for “special moves”. “Special” is a term that is often used to other size people with physical and cognitive disabilities, it is often coded for “different and lesser than” everyone else, the movie keeps on getting more offensive as it gets ahead into the plot, it seems like the movie is just outright wrong for many, we all get it that at the end of the day, it is just a movie.

The thing is for someone who is especially challenged, it is going to come out pretty bad for the person, the way they are going to take the movie can affect them badly, the movie has entered a zone which is very dangerous for the people who are going to be watching it. It seems like people are criticizing the movie on the internet for the longest time, we are not sure if there are going to be updated on the story as of this point in time, it seems like the creators of the movie are feeling the pain for sure.

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