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Elevator Shoes – Now’s The Time To Rise Up!


If you think of unnecessarily stacked, tall, uncomfortable platform shoes when you hear the term “height increasing shoes”, you aren’t alone.  In fact, that’s precisely why they went out of style.  However, they are now back and suddenly front and center again.  If you’re curious about what this glow-up is going to do for your wardrobe, here are some of the best, top features to focus on.

Elevator Shoes

There are many advantages to the modern version of elevator shoes, but one of the coolest things about guidomaggi elevator shoes is that it’s not just one benefit from one point of view.  Its several perks and advantages cover all of the daily basis!

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

  • They don’t look like height-increasing shoes: Sounds weird, perhaps, but just think about it. Traditional height-increasing shoes were horrible to look at.  They were heavy, clunky, looked very obvious, and didn’t last very long simply because users quickly got frustrated with them beyond when they were looking to wear them as a fashion statement.  Modern elevator shoes are very subtle and discreet so that you can wear them when you want to and no one will be any the wiser!
  • They make the wearer feel taller: Then there’s the whole point of why most people consider elevator shoes in the first place. They want to add in some subtle height to help them look their best in a social or business situation.  High heels only go so far and are mostly a feminine choice.  Elevator shoes offer the same choice to men and women and are adding height to the inside so that it’s invisible to those who only see the outside of the shoe.
  • They will ease joint pain: Popular amongst senior citizens as well as those who often have arthritis and other joint mobility concerns will find that elevator shoes take a lot of pressure off. It allows them to go for walks, run errands and simply enjoy being active again with better all-day relief.
  • They can help promote better posture: Due to the design of the shoes themselves, these are going to help you maintain a straight posture much easier than wearing traditional shoes. It can often help with back pain, hip pain, and even neck pain!  While it isn’t a cure for bad posture, it does offer a lot of support to counteract the pain that it can cost.
  • They’re really comfortable and look great: One advantage that most people don’t know until they try them is that elevator shoes are actually comfortable…?! They feel like they’re literally made for your foot (which they kind of are) and cushion all of those parts that are often so sore. They’ll most likely become your go-to shoes when you know you are going to be on your feet all day long.
  • They’re customizable: This is a new secret to modern elevator shoes, too! When it comes to the actual height that you can enjoy, you can pretty much design how much height you are looking for.  Typically most offer the selection of 2-5 inches.  Depending on what kind of height you want to create for yourself, this will be perfect for when you’re looking at making a noticeable difference in your height.
  • It can be an alternative to surgery: From leg asymmetry to severe joint problems with the ankles, knees, hips, and more, elevator shoes can give you a nonsurgical choice to pain relief, or offer the wearer better comfort and support while they await the surgery and recover from it on the other side.

When you look at the concept of guidomaggi.it elevator shoes with all of those benefits in mind (and more), you can start to see just why they are starting to grow in popularity again.  It’s so appealing to think about enjoying a great pair of shoes that feel amazing and look like regular, everyday styles.  Even better, it’ll be so reassuring to be able to wear a pair of shoes that are going to actually be comfortable to have on all day long!

It turns out that the right pair of shoes can do a whole lot more than just boost your confidence levels.  Whether you were convinced by one benefit or the sheer amount of just how many advantages are potentially waiting for you, the right pair of shoes is here to help!  Now the hard part is suddenly going to be deciding what pair you want to try first!

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