Home Politics Elections 2021: Patriotic Alliance Manifesto Launch targets ‘illegal foreigners’

Elections 2021: Patriotic Alliance Manifesto Launch targets ‘illegal foreigners’


Elections 2021: Patriotic Alliance Manifesto Launch targets ‘illegal foreigners’: The patriotic alliance naming PA has continued its controversial position on illegal foreigners with the leader of the party naming Gayton Mc Kenzie, he has promised that they are going to be deported if the party got elected to govern, this has been one of the several promises which were made by the McKenzie at the launch of the party’s manifesto. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Patriotic Alliance Manifesto Launch

Patriotic Alliance Manifesto Launch

It was held in Eldorado park at Gauteng on Saturday, the event was held on a large file in the suburb having hundreds of residents who were wearing the party’s bright green t-shirts in order to hear McKenzie speak, he was being cheered during his speech as he promised to target “illegal foreigners”.

The party has had a controversial stance about undocumented immigrants and he has been labelled as xenophobic, he has denied these claims of him being xenophobic time and again as he calls his stance patriotic, the controversial businessman and author also took a jab at ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba who was having similar views to McKenzie on undocumented immigrants.

He stated Herman and himself are talking the same language, he stated we are not, he stated Herman was the mayor of Joburg for about three years, yet there were more foreigners who came and took more buildings and why didn’t he remove them when he had three years.

He further stated poverty and crime are interrelated, stated PA is going to focus on dealing with unemployment by creating jobs in different sectors in order to address the crime, this is going to help the community mentally and financially and crime will reduce as people are going to have jobs in order to earn.

McKenzie has even promised the supporters that the party is going to ensure the municipal apartments which were not paid for by the residents, it has been further promised by PA, they are going to clear the debt owed by residents for electricity, taxes and waters.

The PA was found in the year 2016 and it managed to secure 0.6% of the national vote in the municipal elections, the party has five councillors which are spread across the country, it is going to be competing in various municipalities in Cape Town in Joburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Ekurhuleni.

It was further addressed by Mckenzie that PA is not a coloured party, the dominance has been in traditionally coloured suburbs and it seems like the elections are going to be interesting this time around.

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