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El Paso Bank Robbery: Police Search For Man Accused Of Robbing Wells Fargo El Paso Bank


El Paso Bank Robbery: Police Search For Man Accused Of Robbing Wells Fargo El Paso Bank: Recently, news going trending on the internet that cops have been searching for a man who robbed the Wells Fargo Bank in DownTown. It was not known how many guys were involved during this incident. Cops have started their investigation and also searching for the unknown man who robbed the Well Fargo Bank. In this article, we gonna discuss what exactly happened during the incident and how many guys were involved. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

El Paso Bank Robbery

El Paso Bank Robbery

Something about 1:15 p.m., an unknown man entered the bank and demanded the money. He takes out the manager and asks only one thing where is the money. At that time, the manager was scared and very afraid. He takes him to the main locker where all the money was saved. The robber fled with all the money. The manager says, he was last seen headed west on Texas Avenue toward Mesa Street. After that, where he was gone. It didn’t know yet. Many tried to catch the robber and tried to call the police. But the robber was smart. He was aware of every moment of what the people will do in these types of situations. He was two steps ahead of the people.

El Paso Bank Robbery Suspect Photos

Nonetheless, Cops have started their investigation and blocked the road, and closed the shops which were nearby to the bank. But it will be opened after some time. Talking about his physical appearance, cops say he was last seen as a heavyset man who was about 6 feet tall, wearing a blue face covering, a black hooded sweater, light-colored jeans, and a dark-colored jacket. They are also searching the parking lot, interrogating nearby shops, and checking each and every CCTV footage to get any clue or evidence of the robber.

Mesa Street near San Jacinto Plaza was blocked off with a pair of armored police vehicles and a SWAT team set up in the area. Stanton Street is also closed between Texas Street to Mills Avenue. FBI agents and detectives have been appointed to search for the robber. You might also see the dozens of police patrol cars and officers who investigated this case. They are very serious about this case. Because some people rob the bank in broad daylight and run away, people are asking questions about the security of the bank.

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