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Who Is EDP445theog On Tiktok? Banned YouTuber EDP Viral On Tiktok


Who Is EDP445theog On Tiktok? Banned YouTuber EDP Viral On Tiktok: A leaked video has come out on the internet that A username EDP445 was arrested because of attempting to talk disgusting and inappropriately with underage girls. Recently, cops have taken him into their custody and are interrogating him. According to some sources, they found out his real name. His name was Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland commonly known as an EDP 445. He is an American YouTube blogger who posts anything on the internet by just shooting himself and talking about random stuff. He was born on December 15, 1990. He is famous for his rant videos, but also makes vlogs, cooking videos, reviews, and gaming. Talking about his YouTube channel, he got 2 million subscribers and got more than 100k – 200k views on his own channel. He is known for being a Philadelphia Eagles fanatic and vulgarly funny vlog. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Who Is EDP445theog On Tiktok?

EDP 445 was a 30-year-old YouTube anchor who has been charged for Paedophilia after trying to meet a 13-year-old girl. Talking some nonsense things which can’t tell you in words. It was reported that EDP 445 was caught on camera attempting to meet an underage girl talking about B.S. things that were illegal. This is the reason why cops put strong allegations on him.


Some reports also revealed that he was caught and accused by a group of child protection activists called Predator Poachers. Furthermore, the media says that the men behind Predator Poachers go online and pretend to be underage girls. Then they have an inappropriate conversation with men and arrange a meet-up with them. In a similar fashion, EDP 445 was caught on camera and he became famous on social media.

EDP445theog leaked Photos and videos Explained

EDP 445 has gone to the location to meet up with a 14-year girl. He started talking to the girl and started so some random things which the girl didn’t know what he was exactly doing but then she knows. She immediately interprets that his intention was wrong towards girls. And decided to go away from him. Then she filed a complaint about him and now cops are searching for him.

Luckily, cameras were set up at the location. And the whole incident that was happened at that time was also recorded in the live stream. So, according to this, we have two solid proofs against him. We can definitely prove this in court. The girl’s name was Sophie. He was just only 13 years old when she faced this thing.

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