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Eddy Kenzo Accident: Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo Involved In Car Accident Video Explained!


There has been a recent case of an accident in which a well-renowned artist naming Eddy Kenzo has been a part of a nasty accident in the morning on Thursday, the accident took place around Maya which is along the Masaka highway is along Kampala. Sources have stated, he was travelling to the Kyotera with two other people who were his colleagues at the time the car accident took place. there have been some eyewitnesses to the case, it has been stated Eddy Kenzo and two of the other occupants which were in the car have survived with injuries.

Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo Accident Video

The three of them were rushed to the nearest clinic for the first-aid, Eddy Kenzo has confirmed in a post which he has posted on his official Facebook handle stating the cause of the accident was the road was pretty slippery to travel.

Eddy Kenzo Statement About The Incident

The artist stated in the post, the car got overturned and it got fell into a trench afterwards.

He stated in the post, they have had a frightening accident, the road was slippery and wet because of the rain and as they reached Maya, there was a huge bump in the road which was next to petrol station naming Stabex Petro which caused his car to skid in pretty remarkable fashion, he further stated, the car did a 180-degree turn which it did in the middle of the road and was facing the wrong way and then the car and they ended in a trench which was next to the petrol station.

The incident took place in the morning and the three people that were in the car survived and he ended by thanking God to protect all of them. The whole incident has been confirmed by the Deputy pro, he stated the police at Nsagi are investigating the whole incident which happened today around 8:30 am.

Uganda has already lost two of the musicians in the year 2017 during the car incident in the year 2017, the artist Denis Rackla was pronounced dead in the year 2017 after a motor incident and also the artist Dizzy Nuts Galiwango expired in the year 2017 in November as he was knocked dead by a Toyota Harrier.

It is great news that three people that are involved in the accident are all safe and healthy.

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