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Eddie Irvine Shares His Unfiltered Thoughts on Everything About Formula One


2021 Formula 1 season is going on with all the hype. Amidst this pomp, Betway managed to interview former Formula 1 Star Eddie Irvine. Let’s hear his thoughts about the title race this year and his amazing companionship with Michael Schumacher. 

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The 2021 F1 Season has been quite interesting. What do you think about it?

From my perspective, this season has been nothing short of amazing. In my opinion, the fastest driver is Verstappen without a doubt, but the top racer is Lewis Hamilton. Owing to them, I have high hopes for this season.

Red Bull & Max Verstappen are at their most competitive stage. How do you think they achieved this?

In hindsight, it seems like the Schumacher effect. After six seasons, Verstappen has finally found the key, he is definitely the most dominant team leader on the grid. He is the ultimate talent, however, Lewis is an agile professional and has negligible weak spots.

How was the pressure of an F1 title race in your time, 1999?

The pressure of the title race is always crazy. Too many people are working at the factory and the responsibility of getting out results is on your shoulders. Also, you want to perform your best and give it all. In 1999, the pressure was immense as I had a chance at the World Championship. We were close but could not make it. But we are paid to handle such tough situations and still make out of them.

Do you think a lot has changed in these 20 years?

The game has gained professionalism just like every other sport. However, I am not sure if it is as fun as it used to be.

Hamilton and Verstappen get personal at conferences. What do you think about it?

When I am in the game I am all out, I do not mind getting personal. Everything is fair in love and war, for me, Formula 1 is a war. That is why I boldly criticize or say anything that helps me. I only care about my team.

In your four years working with Michael Schumacher, what was the experience like?

I believe he is the greatest driver mankind has seen. That’s why being his teammate was amazing. Old age caught up to him and he is not as quick. However, it was a delight to watch this guy race. I think it was an honor for me. On the other side, you do not get the limelight when up against Schumacher. 

What are your learnings from your companionship with Schumacher?

Michael is an unadulterated talent. He has got this fantastic ability to make the best out of any racing car. It is hard to learn much from this. 

During your F1 career, who was your favorite?

Undoubtedly Schumacher! Our working relationship was very good and faced no issues working with him. We both performed our optimum every weekend. 

With Netflix’s Drive to Survive, do you think F1 will capture new audiences?

I think Drive to Survive is a great job done by Formula 1. Everywhere I go, I hear how many people love Formula 1 because of the show now. I think we owe it to the new generation of marketing. They have figured out the best way to make the content as interesting as it can be. I would rate it 10 out of 10. 

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