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ECS T10 League STO vs KCC Live Score, Toss & Playing 11 Stockholm CC vs Kista Cricket Club


The ECS T10 League is going on with its 15th match on the way. In this match, Stockholm CC will be squaring off against the Kista Cricket Club. Both teams are at their best. They are positioned adjacent to each other, which is on the fifth and sixth positions on the scoreboard. Among both these groups, one of them has experienced 2 matches while the other one has gone head to head against 4 playoffs.

Kista CC had their first game against the Alby Zalmi CC. KCC dominated the game by 7 wickets. The rival group ALZ in the first inning so the match has scored 83 runs before the finish of 10 overs with the fall of 4 wickets. KCC had a target to score an aggregate of 84 in the subsequent innings. In the second innings of the game, KCC versus ALZ, Kista has scored 84 runs before the finish of 9.1 overs with 5 remaining balls and dominated the match. For this match, there are 65% odds of KCC to take it, STO CC.


Date: Wednesday, 17th June 2020
Time- 9:30 PM IST
Venue- Marsta Cricket Club, Stockholm

Stockholm CC (STO): Jyotimoi Saikia (WK), Abhishek Mathur, Kaushik Vats, Sampat Manju, Santosh Yadlapalli, Akanshu Mahajan, Harsha Vardahana, Himanshu Patel, Avinash Upadhyaya, Suman Momhamatam, Akash Jha, Niranjan Komalla, Ashok Ganesan Ramalingam, Vinod Chandra, Shrikamt Sakpal, Viswanadha Bazawada, Feroz Patel, Rakesh Kumar, Umesh Bharti, Karthik Jayachandran, Prem Krishna, Rajesh Lal Raveendran, Chenna Nail

Kista Cricket Club (KCC): Kashan Khan, Ghazzal Mehdi, Imran Hussain, Junaid Azam, Hamza Iqbal, Aleem Muhammad Siddiqi, Shahid Nawaz, Muhammad Farhan Anwar, Fashahid Shah, Muhammad Asif, Zubair Abbas, Maqoos Badar, Chandan Khatri, Sudharma Srinivasan Damarla, Pankaj Kaul, Naeem Ullah Khan, Rizwan Baig, Ahsan Mehmood, Arif Zaidi, Nasir Khan

Stockholm CC has played a total of 4 matches in the tournament, out of which they got the victory in just one match. They lost two matches and the other two were a draw match. This brings the total points of the team to 3 and their current Net Run rate is -0.910. STO faced SMI in the league and it was a struggle for them to finish the game.

In this game, STO played in the main innings, scored 68 runs with the fall of 3 wickets before the finish of 9.1 overs. To dominate this match, the rival group needed to score 69 runs however tragically, the group couldn’t have scored the objective score and wound up losing the match scoring 66 runs. There are great chances of KCC winning this game.



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