ECB Blues VS Ajman Alubond is scheduled to be played next in the Emirates D10 league today 26 July at ICC academy at 7:30 PM IST. The match will be played on the ICC Cricket academy’s ground. No doubt that the T10 series are in the trend in this pandemic. therefore we are back with another update of the sports world. Dubai will host all of the matches which will be playing on the ICC cricket academy.

ECB Vs FPV Schedule

No doubts that ECB will give a very tough competition to AAD because as we can see the previous performance of both teams and we can say that ECB seems very confident because a total number of 3 matches have been played by ECB and it has won 2 matches and drawn 1 match and if we are talking about AAD so perhaps they can be also confident but as they have been playing, winning chances of this team are quite low in the comparison of ECB Blues. Because AAD has played 2 matches and unfortunately both matches have lost by them so according to this ratio we can say that the possibilities of winning is in the court of ECB blues.

According to this, we can say that AAD has to be scared of ECB because ECB is not having pressure in the comparison of AAD.

Pitch and weather report;

According to the latest updates, the weather seems sunny and no single cloud in the sky. If we talk about the pitch so according to the reported pitch seems like it is in the favor of batsman because the first inning has scored 155.

ECB Blues playing XI:  Chirag Suri, Rohan Mustafa, Vritya Aravind, Muhammad Usman, Mohammad Buta, Taimoor Ali, Kashid Daud, Ahmed Raza, Junaid Siddique, Karthik Meiyappan, Matiullah.

AAD Playing XI:  Sapandeep Singh, Syed Haider, Sandy Sandeep, Abdul Shakoor, Ameer Hamza, Omer Farooq, Anand Kumar, Mohammad Azhar, Amjad Gul, Nasir Aziz, Sharif Abdullah.

First match of ECB Blues has been played against Dubai Pulse Secured in which Dubai Pulse Secured has scored 126 runs in 10 overs on 4 wickets and ECB Blues also made 126 runs in 10 overs on 3 wickets due to which match had drawn. The Second match of  ECB Blues has been played against Team Abu Dhabi in which ECB has scored 164 runs in 10 overs on 5 wickets and TAD scored 119 runs in 10 overs on 4 wickets as result ECB won by 45 runs. The third match has been played by ECB against Sharjah Bukhatir XI in which ECB has scored 125 runs in 10 overs on 5 wickets and SBK scored 96 runs in 10 overs on 6 wickets as the result ECB won by 16 runs.

AAD has played two matches till now and today its third match of the tournament but if we have a look of its previous performance so Ajman Alubond has played a total number of 2, the first one was played against team Abu Dhabi in which AAD has scored 98 runs in 10 overs on 8 wickets TAD has scored 99 runs in 8.1 overs on 2 wickets due to which TAD has won by 8 wickets, The second match has been played by AAD against DPS in AAD has scored 104 in 10 overs on 4 wickets and DPS scored 107 runs in 8 overs on 4 wicket and DPS won by 6 wickets.


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