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Who is EastEnders’ Scarlett Butcher? Janine Butcher’s daughter returns teased as Scarlett arrives!


There has been an announcement of the character who is going to be returning to BBC One, the show is a soap opera and it was revealed the character was in secret communication with Tommy Moon who is the son of Kat Slater. Kat was pretty terrified when Tommy went missing and he got to know about him as he got to learn from Lexi Pearce about him being in communication with a woman whose identity is mysterious.

Eastenders Scarlett Butcher

Who is EastEnders’ Scarlett Butcher?

She was in fear as she was thinking he has been taken by this woman and imagining all of the possible worse outcomes in her mind which were having all of the negative thoughts about this. kat eventually managed to track down Tommy as she found out he had met with his young cousin Scarlett in a park. It has also been revealed, Scarlett is in foster care and she ran away from there and she got in touch with Tommy as she thought they are cousins.

Eastenders Scarlett Butcher

Tommy was then pretty furious with Kat as she told him, he has returned Scarlett to the foster home and it seems like there is another secret that is going to be revealed on the show pretty soon. it seems like Scarlett and Tommy are half-siblings.

Eastenders Scarlett Butcher

Who Is Scarlett Moon?

She was born in the year 2012 which was made possible because of the romantic union of the couple Jannie Butcher(Charlie Brooks) and Michael Moon(Steve John Shepherd). Despite being the first child of Janine’s, Michael already had a son with Kat Moon who is the wife of his cousin Alfie Moon who she has named Tommy Moon.

Eastenders Scarlett Butcher

Even though he was the biological father of Tommy, he raised him as one of his own which makes Scarlett and Tommy, half-siblings. Scarlett was born premature, she has been fought over by Janine and Michael from birth, they even had disagreements when it comes to her name, even after getting married during the pregnancy, Michael and Janine fell apart when it comes to their marriage and she left Scarlett in the care of Michael and her new nanny Alice Branning.

Eastenders Scarlett Butcher

After a few months, she returned and she managed to win custody for Scarlett and she denied access to Michael. It seems like things did not work out well for the daughter and mother, it seems like there is going to be a fight between Kat and Janine over Scarlett.

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