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Duy Thuong Tai Nạn: Team Duy Thuong ACCIDENT, Nam ok C.H.E.T on the spot


Duy Thuong Tai Nạn: Team Duy Thuong ACCIDENT, Nam ok C.H.E.T on the spot: There has been a sad demise of 3 people and the people who have lost their lives are part of the group Duy Often who have had an accident recently, Duy Thuong Tai Nạn, the online community is pretty saddened by what they have heard from the authorities, the whole Youtube community is sad seeing to what has happened to the youngsters, this is going to be a traumatic experience for the people who have survived. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Duy Thuong Tai Nạn

Duy Thuong Tai Nạn

The Youtube Team Duy Thuong has recently had a car accident on Apple Double Bridge, the witnesses who were there at the scene have stated that their car collided with a truck which caused the car to overturn, and then all hell broke loose as they shattered the ceiling and all of the glass got broken.


Three of the members died at the scene and 2 are suffering from major injuries as they were covered in blood when they were discovered by the authorities, later it was posted by Duy on his personal page confirming that Nam ok and Le Thang have died in the tragic car accident, the other deceased member was a female friend and her identity is yet to be released by the authorities.

The people are coming up with their tributes for the lost souls who have entertained so many viewers on the internet with their videos and it seems like their lives have been a huge loss for the community as they all were young and they had their whole lives in front of them, it is just sad that they have died in such a manner.

There are many details which haven’t been shared by the authorities as of yet, it has not been stated if there is drink and drive involved, it hasn’t been stated as to who is the culprit in the situation, there has been no update on the driver of the truck, there have been no statements which have come from the family.

This seems to be a developing story and there are going to be further revelations in the case and we are going to be updating you about all of them as soon as something comes under our radar, there are many things that haven’t been updated in the public domain about the case, as things get more clearer, we are going to share the news with you.

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