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Who Is Dumisani Ngobese? UKZN Graduation Story Explained


Who Is Dumisani Ngobese? UKZN Graduation Story Explained: Dumisani Ngobese is a hustler since his childhood he is 23 years old south African student who recently completed his graduation from the University of KwaZulu-natal. he belongs to a poor rural area outside Empangeni called Buchanan. he received a bachelor’s degree in arts at the Westville campus on Friday. now looking forward to pursuing his honors. At the graduation ceremony, this boy’s struggle story leaves people in tears nationwide who heard him. his story includes his struggles and sufferings and how he overcomes all of them and defeats poverty to achieve remarkable success. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

dumisani ngobese ukzn graduation

Who Is Dumisani Ngobese?

Dumisani Ngobese was raised in a very poor family only able to earn food. his grandmother is a street vendor worker and she is the sole earner in the family, his family includes 10 children and women all of them dependent on his grandmother’s earnings. and today Ngobese has proudly claimed his degree at UKZN’s campus after a lot of hard work. people become quick to judge his outfit for the ceremony because he was unable to afford a suit so he wears a black t-shirt and black pants. but Ngobese’s story caught the attention of people all around the globe leaving them in tears and inspiring many.

Dumisani Ngobese UKZN Graduation Story Explained

His picture surfaced on the internet of the graduation event and Dumisani could not hold back his tears after his success over struggle and get graduated despite poverty and lack of resources in the ceremony, Ngobese had clearly said that he cannot afford a suit for the ceremony. his grandmother was unable to attend the ceremony as her health didn’t allow her he was accompanied by his mother and aunt. Dumisani Ngobese proves that we should never give up on dreams regardless of poverty or any obstacle we should always work harder and should remain humble at the same time.

His story deeply affects the people as many can relate themselves past to Ngobese life and a rich businessman named: Calvin Mathibeli did the same, he offered him a job and support him by financing his further studies on 16th May 2022. he is the owner and chairman of the Calvin-and-family group. this news flashed over news channels in Africa. this support from the businessman came when he talked to the Dumisani Ngobese and was deeply affected by the story and reminded him of his own days of poverty he resonated with the story of Dumisani Ngobese as Calvin Mathibeli also belonged to a poor background from a big family and he was also raised by his grandmother in a family of many members.

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