Duggar’s family it is difficult to form a united front due to the child pornography by  Josh Duggar. His family is a reality star and for them, it isn’t to face sich allegation on Jish or we can say that it’s about their reputation, due to the actions of Josh. Sources said that “the family is suffering but not more than his previous action, but they are in a pressure and it creating stress on them bu the family is reacting or still behaving in front of media that nothing wrong happened.”

Duggar Family Scandal

Duggar Family Scandal

Jim Bob allows use to sweep the things under a rug, and this directly points to the father of Josh. His father will not be going to talk about the scandal ever. And this is clear that he is trying to hide from the media and the truth of his son. The reason why isn’t talking about the scandal as its impacts his business.  Well, the rest of the family members of Josh are seen taking the dismissive approach of Jim Bob, when it all comes to the allegations abode on Josh. When TLC alum was under arrest in the month of April due to the changes of possessing and being involved in child pornography. There is 96 episode this was canceled.

Well, it isn’t the first time when the actions Josh making his family facing humiliation. The network was dismissed or canceled the very first reality show of the family in which named “19 kids and counting. There was an investigation in 2006 which unveiled that Josh was found guilty for teasing and harassing five underaged girls, two were his sisters and this was the most shocking allegation on him. He was just 14 at that time.

Josh’s family is extremely conservative and they are Christians, in a popular reality show they all were seen together including His parents and 18 brothers.

A data hack had been unveiled the truth and a crime of Josh after he was alleged for the molestation, that he shared with six underage kids along with his wife who was pregnant at that time. He was found doing all these things on the fake website, later he even accepted that he is cheating on his wife and involved in child pornography.

His family is guilty while his father is ignoring the media and not ready to talk about the allegation on his son Josh. He is doing so as it will definitely going to affect his business.


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