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Dry Scooping Pre-Workout Heart Attack: Woman Suffers Heart Attack After TikTok Dry Scooping Trend!


A challenge that is getting viral on TIK TOK these days has become the reason for the Heart Attack of a woman. “Dry Scooping” a challenge causes a heart attack in a 20-year-old girl, whose name is Brittaney Portillo highly famous on Tik Tok and she has her Instagram account as @brivtny.

Dry Scooping Pre Workout Heart Attack

What is Dry Scooping?

Being a Tik Tok user it might necessary for her to try a “Dry Scooping” challenge but this has been affected her health claimed by Brittaney Portillo. After performing this challenge she has been gone through some serious health issues after which she posts a clip-on in which she has been exclaimed that “I’m posting a clip as I want you all to know that Dry Scoping challenge will be dangerous for you and you must not try this.”

Dry Scooping is the challenge in which the people use to intake dry supplement of pre-workout or protein powders, it should be diluting in the water rather than intake direct into a mouth.

Dry Scooping Pre Workout Heart Attack

Later Portillo released a clip in which she burst out her frustration to the users those calling her fake and a liar and they have even taunted her that she is telling a fake story of her heart attack. She even unveiled the protein powder which she has been intake during the challenge the name of the powder is Redcon1 Total War. Ans she also shares the symptoms which made her go for the check-up.

Dry Scooping list of her symptoms:-

  • She had chest pain, on her left side.
  • And her left arm wnt of limp.
  • She even feels “Tingly and Itchy”.
  • She gets panic attacks and even went through anxiety.

She felt heaviness and after facing these symptoms she decides to go for a checkup and then she gets to know that it is a heart attack. Later she got to know the reason for this heart attack and it was due to the dry scooping of Proteins. Hence, she informs about this in a clip but users aren’t ready to accept this and they use to taunt her.

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