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Drive You Home Jackson Wang New Music Video Review: Fan Go Crazy For ‘Drive You Home’


People have been waiting for the music video of the song “Drive you home” which is the latest song of Jackson Wang and is a collaboration with Internet Money, the visuals have been dropped today on 29th July, the video is going to be starring Wang who is a worker in some office and who is pretty satisfied with his job and then it is going to be revealed that he is just hiding his true feelings and is acting to be happy as he trying to fill the void that has happened to him in the past and the tragedy is going to be the death of her lover as she died a tragic death.

Drive You Home Jackson Wang

Drive You Home Jackson Wang

It has been stated at the end of the video that it has been co-directed by Wang and he has also written the screenplay of the music video with the director naming James Mao, the song is going to have a rumbling trap as it is inspired by it. He teased the collaboration with the fans on his social media which he did last week and the song is going to be a song if Wang which has come after the 3 months of his last single and he has also teamed up with NIKI and Rich Brian and Warren Hue recently for one of the remixes of the song of the trio which is ‘California’.

He has also confirmed at the start of the year that he has been working on two albums which made the fans pretty excited and it seems like that he has not spoken about the records of him that are forthcoming but it seems like one of the few details has been teased by him as the recent appearance of the artist that he made on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

He has stated that his new album is going to be having so many “new sounds” as compared to the solo debut that he gave in the year 2019 “mirrors” and he has also stated that the new album is going to be something that people have never expected from him as it is going to be too much of a happy shock for the fans.

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