Home News Drill rapper M24 Arrested: Why was Drill rapper M24 Arrested and jailed?

Drill rapper M24 Arrested: Why was Drill rapper M24 Arrested and jailed?


Drill rapper M24 Arrested: Why was Drill rapper M24 Arrested and jailed?: It is being reported that the Brixton Drill rapper has been jailed after he got caught with a knife, it is being reported that he has been sentenced to six months in the prison for the knife possession, he is the rapper who came on ‘We won’t dance”, he has been jailed recently after he has been caught with a knife in Stratford. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

M24 Arrested

M24 Arrested

He is going to be handed over a two-year count order upon his release, M24 was a passenger in the vehicle which was stopped by the police at Stratford Broadway around 10:45 pm dating to 1st September, the rapper was reportedly searched during the scene and he was arrested after he was found with a lock knife. M24 Arrested

The knife was immediately seized by the authorities at the scene, he has been presented with a sentence for six months behind bars, this is because of the possession of a knife in a public place, it is also going to restrict him from entering particular areas. He has pleaded guilty at Stratford Magistrates Court which is happening three weeks earlier.

M24 Arrested

Why was Drill rapper M24 Arrested?

M24 got all the fame when he was a part of the “150” crew who made out big drill tracks which included the likes of “do it & crash” and “Smokey things”, in the month of November in the year 2020, M24 released its first official mixtape naming “Drip’n’Drill”. It seems like there is not much data on the situation as of now.

We are going to be updating you further with the developing story in the coming days and weeks, there are going to be further revelations in the case, he is also dying to appear in the court as he has pleaded guilty, it is going to be seen what the court decides about the scenario.

M24 Arrested

Is Drill rapper M24 jailed?

We are going to be on our toes to provide you with further information as soon as something comes under our radar, there is not much about the rapper on the internet, he saw fame for a short period of time and he has not put out his work for a while now, we will be updating you with the further developments in the case as we get to know more about it in the coming days and weeks.

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