This is another step toward the enhancement of the self-independency in the sector of Munitions in India. The Indian Defence Research Development Organisation(DRDO) has now accepted the idea to export Indian Munitions including incredible Indian munitions such as Combat Aircraft Tejas, artillery guns, powerful battle tanks and missiles, and explosives with anti-tank mines. A total number of 156 defense items have been listed to be exported.

Tejas, Bramhos and Astra

An announcement list by the DRDO declares that 19 aeronautical systems, 4 missile systems, 16 Nuclear Biological Chemical Equipments, 10 life protection attributes, 41 combat, and armed systems, 27 electronic and communication devices, and more than 28 naval systems have been nominated for the export. There are such items too that have been listed like; artillery guns and explosive items.

The export of Indian Aeronautical Aircraft Tejas is the main attraction of this step. The department had already given clearance to the export of Akash Missile. And now many other missiles will also be exported. In this list, the new nominations are of BVR missile Astra (that can attack air-to-air), Nag(anti-tank guided missile), and the most prominent Brahmos Weapon Systems. On one side, Akash is a missile system that fires surface-to-air with a short range of 3-25km in a group or autonomous operation, the other side stands the Astra missile which is integrated with Su30 MKI and can attack air-to-air. Apart from this, Bramhos is an all-rounder supersonic missile that is strong enough to support launching from ships, submarines, and aircraft. It is equipped with a network-centric system, several trajectories, and is surely capable of destroying land or naval targets within a minimum deployment time.

The Battle Tank Arjun Mark-1A of the Indian Army is equipped with strong firepower of a variety of ammunition. It easy to mobilize too. Whereas, Pinka weapon system is a multi-barrel rocket system. It can fire 72 rocket in less than 50 seconds. It can smoothly work in all-weather conditions and also can fire indirectly. The other powerful defense systems are Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems(ATAGS).  This is basically a 155mm artillery gun with a range of 48km firing capacity. Its accuracy and multiple rounds of simultaneous fire is astonishing.

Export Targets

Indian has decided to achieve a total export goal of Rs. 35,000 crore by 2025 in the Army equipment sector. The export policy is intended to complete a turnover of more than Rs.1,70,000 crores. The procurement share of domestic sectors is around 60 percent currently which is also supposed to be doubled up by the end of 2025.


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