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DRAYKE BULLYING UTAH: Mother Of Boy Who Killed Himself Due To Bullying


Drayke Bullying Utah: Mother Of Boy Who Killed Himself Due To Bullying: Drake Hardman is no more in this world and he has been lost his life. He was just 12 years old who was a school-going from Tooele County, Utah. As per the confirmed sources, he has been passed away on 10th February 2022. His death news is making the headlines on all the news channels and netzines also searching for his name. You will be disheartened to know the reason behind his sudden death. So let’s not delay anymore as you will going to get the details of his demise in the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Drayke Bullying Utah

Drayke Bullying Utah

He lost is the only one who took away his life, as he had been faced bullying from many of his classmates. Hia parents are heartbroken and they are mourning the sudden demise of their child. Being parents it is difficult to bear the pain of his son’s death, as he attempted suicide at 12, which shivers the heart so badly. His parents are Andy and Samie, they posted that they were in the school’s contact about the issue of dancing by their son before his sudden death.

While on Monday he came back home with a black eye from his school, and he told his sister that a student attacked him and he was in a fight with a student. Hust after the two days of his confession, he had been shocked to stay at home and not attend his basketball practice. His parents thought that is doing alright and later it has been seen that he lost his life at night. His sisters have been found him in the bedroom before he was taken to the hospital, but he has been passed away and dies on Thursday morning.

Family’s heartache:-

Drake’s mother gave a statement which jas been read, “the personality of the Drake is all about the people. He has been tried his best to make everyone laugh and also dedicated to his life and he knows what to do how to do it. My child was living his dream as he wanted to be a great personality.” There are any pictures of him on the social media firm in which he can be seen with his parents and siblings. He was a huge fan of Utah Jazz, and many of his favorite players also reached out to meet his family.

In the days since Drayke Hardman’s death. who was just 12 years boy and it is difficult to believe he committed suicide. After committing suicide by a small boy who was just only 12 years old. social media becomes a platform where people are going to support him. Netizens are commenting on social media along with calls to stop bullying in schools and teach kindness. Children are so sensitive you do not which action of your would impact on them. Elder should be very careful before doing and saying anything to children. Suicide is not a small step that could be taken very easily, we need to think about what did happen to Drayke Hardman and he had such a step at such a young age. in this age where children use to busy in playing games. what was facing Drayke Hardman. we need to identify the whole situation so in the future a child-like Drayke could not take steps such as suicide.

Celebrities and people from all over the world are sending messages against bullying after a 12-yeas-old boy from Utah died of suicide. after the death of Drayke, more than125,000 has been raised in a GoFundMe campaign for the funeral expenses of Drayke Hardman, a young boy who committed suicide last Thursday after he was repeatedly picked on at school over the last year,  according to CBS station KUTV.

What did Drayke’s parents do?

Drake’s parents, Samie and Andrew Hardman, repeatedly checked on their son’s health and even asked him if he was having suicidal Drayke assured them that he was not. Drayke said, ‘no, no, and it was almost like he was disgusted that I would have even asked him, “Samie told KUTV.

After the incident, the school suspended the student who was bullying Drayke and abusing him. as Drayke’s parents. Drake’s parents also said, they noticed that Drayke had a black eye after he returned home from school his month. Then on Feb 19, Drayke asked to skip his evening basketball practice. when the family returned home, they discovered he had attempted to end his life. that was a big shock for the family they could not able to believe who could their son do this. After that they saw Drayke, they took him immediately to the hospital, and the next day of the incident he was declared dead.

Andrew told to a student who bullied his son, “Deep down there’s something broken that this child took from my son.

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