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Dr Susan Vosloo Heart Surgeon Video Explained!


Netcare makes a distance if itself from the point of view expressed by one of the heart surgeons who has been given advice in a video and now this has become a viral video, that is against the covid-19 vaccination. But here is what Dr. Susan Vosloo has given a statement in which he said, “the vaccination is more dangerous than covid-19, whereas the vaccine isn’t here to fight against covid, Covid is here for the vaccine.”

Dr Susan Vosloo Heart Surgeon

Dr Susan Vosloo Heart Surgeon Video

The composition of the vaccine has been proved deadly. A statement was given by Jacques du Plessis reads, “Vosloo’s video has been given a lost of disappointment and disbelief.” The content of the video is a complete contradiction as it is the unrelated ventures of Netcare, our health care workers, clinical colleague, and other members of us are trying their best to curb the effects of coronavirus.”

Plessis said that “the video also opposes the guidelines or the advice of health care department and even of the World Health Organisation. Nonetheless, we would like to say that Dr. Vosloo is a self-independent practitioner and is completely free to give and present her opinions.

Netcare had been vaccinated over 110,000 people and in the number that area 33,000 health care workers were also included in this. Netcare is also best known for delivering 5000 vaccine doses as to has three vaccination sites. Netcare even treatment numerous people those were tested positive to covid. And we also provided hospitalization facilities in our hospital.

During the process, we have lost around 76 colleagues of our which induced health care workers. This was the most disheartening time for us and even for the entire world as many of us lost our loved ones in the pandemic. On the viral video of Vosloo, people are reacting differently. Somer is supporting her statement while some are against her. Twitter is flooded with lots of comments. And the user is also sharing the video on social media.

Stay tuned to us to grab more updates regarding the same.

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