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Dr Phil Disappearance of Summer Wells Interview: Missing Girl’s Aunt Now Revealed To Have Vanished


Dr. Phil Disappearance of Summer Wells Interview: Don Wells and Candus Bly appeared on the Dr. Phil show for part two of the segment when it comes to their missing 5-year-old daughter Summer Wells on Friday, Dr. Phil joined in part one and part two of the segment by a pair of deception, detection and body language expert naming Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dr. Phil Disappearance of Summer Wells

Dr. Phil Disappearance of Summer Wells

They have largely agreed with Dr. Phil’s observations and conclusions, one of the most notable parts of the show was when Dr. Phil publicly stated that given the timeline, he does not believe that Candus and Don have hurt or killed their daughter adding that he did not think about them doing anything especially killing her and then hiding her body, this is the moment when we see a slight smile appear on Don’s faces.

This was the thought which got echoed by hartley and Rouse at the time when they joined Dr Phil on both the episodes of the Summer Wells segment, Dr. Phil did not state if he believes or not about the parents hurting or killing Summer, it seems like he believes that Candus might be hiding something which she knows about the case.

Dr. Phil then asked Candus as to what she thinks may have happened, she stated at the time that she doesn’t know, Dr. Phil tries to press her in order to provide some speculation to no avail.

Not A Stranger

It has happened several times during a show, Dr. Phil has stated, there are many cases which are similar to this one, the person who takes the missing person is usually not a complete stranger but someone who is a family friend or someone who is known by the victim or their family.

Dr. Phil stated, he thinks that the case is solved and he stated that it is going to be solved, the person which took Summer will likely not be a stranger, he added that in many cases, someone who is coming around the house for various reasons can definitely see someone like Summer who became obsessed with them and then returning someday later and take the person.

This has been one hell of an episode and a complicated one for sure, there is a lot that is going on and you are going to be seeing Dr. Phil explaining the scenario and solutions in the best possible manner in order to solve the issue.

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