Who is Dr Navanil Barua? Guwahati-based doctor Dr. Navanil Barua gets bail: It has been hours since the Guwahati based neurosurgeon got arrested on Sunday on charges of helping a model naming Rajkanya Baruah to avoid police investigation, he has gotten bail as of now, the police arrested the doctor under sections 212, 201 and 120 which is of the Indian penal code which happened after a three-day marathon interrogation. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dr Navanil Barua

Who is Dr Navanil Barua?

The police have also quizzed the neurosurgeon on Friday as well as on Saturday in regard to his connection in the case. He has allegedly admitted the former Miss India came to the hospital on 3rd October as she signed a false medical certificate which is about a head injury.

Rajkanya Baruah who is at the age of 29 and is a model by profession, has skipped police interrogation, has been stated by the Kamrup Chief Judicial Magistrate court which is in Guwahati on Friday has sent model Rajkanya to 14-day judicial custody, it has been further stated by Assam police on Wednesday, they have re-arrested Rajkanya who got the bail within 24 hours of knocking down 8 PWD workers from her car on GS Road in Guwahati on 2nd October.

Why was Dr. Navanil Barua Arrested?

There is not much to the story as of now, this has happened pretty recently, the incident took place on 2nd October and the police started the investigation the day she knocked down the PWD workers with her car, she was arrested on the basis of it but she got bailed and show she has been arrested again by the authorities.

There are going to be further revelations in the case and we are going to be here for you guys to update you about the developments which are going to take place over the coming days as the authorities are going to investigate and they are going to question the doctor and the model.

It seems like this has been a case of fraud and also hit and run, there are going to be further complications for the culprits, they both were trying to cover up her tracks in order to avoid the police but it has backfired in some way and it seems like that they re going to be facing some serious charges because of what they have done. We are going to be on our toes to update with the further revelations in the case as soon as something comes under our radar.


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