Who Is Dr. Benjamin Azoulay? Recently, news has been seen that Dr. Benjamin Azoulay, a surgeon has faced some issues. He puts himself into controversial issues where he puts his life in danger. He is popularly known as a surgery specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetics. He brought some controversial issues to himself after he faced six accusations from actresses against him. He was a great surgeon and can do anything for his patient but after hearing about his recent controversy. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dr Benjamin Azoulay

Who Is Dr. Benjamin Azoulay?

He was facing some problems in his life which affects his professional as well as personal life. Many questions were coming and asking him what controversy did you facing right now. We like to hear about your controversy and maybe we can help you to get out of the problem. But he didn’t reply to anyone. And he was silent. Looks like he doesn’t want to talk about this issue.

Dr. Benjamin Azoulay Biography

Dr. Benjamin Azoulay does not have a Wikipedia page but he mentions his personal life on his Linkedin Account. Yes, according to his LinkedIn profile, he was a well-known Plastic Surgeon from Boissiere, Paris. Every single day, he faces every patient where he does plastic surgery. Sometimes, patients did not have enough money to pay the expenses so he cuts their salaries and pay off the amount of the surgery.  From this aspect, he was very nice in the eyes of people. Not only does he do plastic surgery. But also appeared on some reality TV Stars where he entertain his audience.  He enjoys his profession as well as gaining a reputation from the audience.

Dr. Benjamin Azoulay Education

He completed his education at Lariboisiere Saint Louis in 2004. After his education, he started his work as a Chirurgie Plastique in Reconstructive. He gained so much experience and learned new things in this field. Every day, he was working on his skills and improving himself to get better day by day. He has worked since November 2009 and has been in this field for over 12 years. During these years, he gained so many things and experienced different kinds of patients. Some were good while some were bad. But it taught him a lesson.

Dr. Benjamin Azoulay Instagram

Talking about his social media account, he was very active on it. And you can find him by typing the name @threrealdrparis. He has over 57k followers on Instagram and he does live sessions where you can interact with him.


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