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Double Murder Homicide Meaning & Definition Explained


Double Murder Homicide Meaning & Definition Explained: A double homicide is a murder or unlawful death of two victims by one perpetrator, it is typically a description of a circumstance, instead of a formal legal term, a person has been accused of killing two people who will typically be charged for two counts of homicide or murder, rather than having a single charge which combines both the deaths. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Double Homicide Meaning

Double Homicide Meaning

Homicide is a legal term that is used for describing the death of one person at the hands of another, murder is a type of homicide, it may also be a result of negligence, self-defense, or other circumstances, homicide is not always considered as a criminal act and cannot always be prosecuted.

There are circumstances in which it is going to be considered excusable or justifiable, even double homicide may not always be considered as criminal, in cases where the perpetrator was having his or her life sincerely threatened by the two individuals and killed both of them out of self-defense.

Double homicide is quite frequently linked to murder, triangles, love, and criminal intent. Film television and books often use double homicide as a plot device or means of using increasing drama, there are many famous examples of such a scenario as well, if the case is stated to be double homicide then the case tends to get a lot of attention from the media.

Double Homicide Meaning Explained

The media are interested in such cases because they are frequently considered to be crimes of passion, a double homicide may refer to two victims getting killed in one location or two people getting killed as part of the same action or situation. If a person decides to shoot his/her spouse and then drives over to their lover’s house and kills the second victim, this is something that can be considered as a double homicide even though the victims are in separate locations.

Double homicide is often linked to murder-suicide situations in which the perpetrator is committed suicide after killing two victims, they may occur due to a realization of the severity of the act or maybe a decision to choose suicide over the possible chance of execution or jail.

It seems like this is something that always confused many people but we hope that we have done justice in explaining what double homicide means and we hope that we have cleared all your doubts.

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