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Double Homicide Maricopa: Suspect Arrested In Tucson!


A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines that a heart-wrenching incident took place in Maricopa and has gained all spotlight. We would like to tell you what exactly happened. In the house that is located in Maricopa, a man has attempted double homicide. However, the man got arrested by the Tuscon police officers who have been arrested in connection to a double homicide. The people are shocked after knowing about this incident. Several people are also searching to getting all detail about the incident. In this article, we have brought all the details related to the incident.

Double Homicide Maricopa

Double Homicide Maricopa

As per the reports of the Maricopa Police Department, Tuscon police officers have arrested a man whose name is Juan Jose Cazares and is 38 years old. The incident took place early Wednesday morning (August 18) near Rancho Mirage Boulevard and Honeycutt Road. However, there are not many details have been available about the culprit. A spokesperson from the Tuscon police station, Luis Vila said that the man was taken in the custody around 04:30 PM on the same day. The cops are still investigating the case and also questioning the culprit.

According to the reports, two dead bodies have been found inside the house including a woman and a man. Both bodies were shot brutally. It is being said that it was not a random incident, but a domestic incident. Maricopa police stated, “We’re still talking to those witnesses, getting the full story on that.” It is also yet to be revealed the connection between the culprit and the victims.

Maren Waks who lives four houses away from where the incident happened said, “I was shocked, this neighborhood is so quiet”. She further added in her statement, “I’d be unloading my kids, groceries from the car and he would smile and wave at me every single time.” She told the police that the guy looked a decent guy.

However, the investigation of the case is still going on and the culprit is in police custody right now. There is no information is available that confirmed if the man has confessed his crime or not. As soon as we get to know any update about the case, will let you know on the same page till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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