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Double Homicide Brampton: Man And Woman Found Dead In Brampton – Victim Name and Photos


Double Homicide Brampton: Man And Woman Found Dead In Brampton – Victim Name and Photos: Homicides have been recorded by our journalists this month several times which means the death rates due to homicide are increasing day after day. People think that taking away someone’s life is so easy for them and they have the right to do so. But this is so disheartened to read such news. We doest have any right to kill someone and there is a solution for each and every issue. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Double Homicide Brampton

But people fud their own way to have a release from the issues between them and they think that killing someone is the only way to end the things between them. This time we are talking about the homicide of a couple. Both of them were found dead inside their vehicle. This shocks the police and this news has created a panic among the citizens. Everyone is taking over to the web to grab more details on the same. Peel Reginal Police stated that the unit of the homicide is now involved in the preliminary investigation of the same. This news of Brampton city and its citizens are in a shock to hear about their homicide.

Man And Woman Found Dead In Brampton

This is something so horrible their dead bodies are found in a nad condition and they were smelling bad. Police have received the call almost around 2:12 am on Thursday, they were called to Red Castle Street., near Bovaird Drive and Chinguacousy Road. The victims were found in such a bad condition and were also suffering from the trauma as they were shot at their head. And both were in trauma which was so obvious for them due to the gunshot at their heads.

And they lost their lives at the scene just after they were shot. Many of the netizens are getting so impatient to know how they were shot? Who is their killer? What are the reasons behind their murder? There isn’t any information yet regarding this homicide as the police are still involved in the preliminary investigation. So the exact cause of their killings is still suspense and it will be going to remain the same until police completed their investigation and don’t release the reports of their investigation.

Stay tuned to us to get an update.

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