Home News Double Homicide Alexander NY: 2 People Arrested In Genesee County

Double Homicide Alexander NY: 2 People Arrested In Genesee County


Double Homicide Alexander NY: 2 People Arrested In Genesee County: According to reports, there was news that came out on the internet that two people were apprehended in connection to a double homicide in Genesee County. The two people’s name was Raul Cruz and Prince N.K. Wilson. Officials found out that their age is between something around eighteen years and twenty-three years old. Both were youngsters. Both have their lives. Both have their dreams. Now, all their dreams were gone into dustbins. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Double Homicide Alexander NY

Double Homicide Alexander NY

On Friday night, the two were arrested at a farmhouse which was located in the Town of Alexander in Genesee County. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office said Raul Cruz was 18 years old and Prince N.K. Wilson was 23 years old. Now both were into custody and cops will take care of him. The charges that cops imposed on them were second-degree murder and now arraigned in Town of Batavia Court. They are being held in Genesee County Jail without bail, according to a statement released late Saturday night.

The Genesee County Emergency Communications Center received a call regarding a disturbance on Alexander Road at 9:59 p.m., according to the sheriff’s office. When deputies arrived, they discovered two Hispanic men dead and smoke billowing from the structure. After the fire was put out inside the structure, deputies from the sheriff’s office were able to determine that the two men were homicide victims. Their true identities will not be revealed until their families are informed. Genesee County officials say it was an isolated incident, adding that there was no danger to public safety. The investigation is still going on and cops are finding more and more evidence to prove guilt in the court.

It was so unimaginable that youngsters are doing this kind of thing. If all the youngsters will do the same kind of thing then the country’s future was in danger. Youngsters are the future of this nation and if the youngster commits a crime and indulged with the wrong kind of people then the whole nation became corrupt and there is no chance to live in the rightful people. We need to be aware the society and raise our voice through any kind of medium. Parents have to be aware of their son’s actions and their women’s actions. If they go in the wrong kind of direction then it’s the parent’s duty to give them direction in the right way.

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