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DoorDash App Crashes: Drivers Stuck With Orders, Twitter Reacts


The leaders of the company have stated that recently they have been experiencing some trouble when it comes to their app which they have revealed on Saturday after people were showing their frustration towards the app on social media which made the company address the situation.

Doordash App Crashes

DoorDash App Crashes

The company stated that they are experiencing some issues with their door dash platform which was started by the delivery and food ordering company as they further stated that they are trying their best to tackle the situation as they are working on these issues and are trying to solve them as soon as possible and they ended their tweet stating that they are pretty grateful for the patience that their customers are showing as they called them their loyal customers.

On Saturday Door dash started to trend on Twitter as many of the people were complaining about the company as their site is crashing and this stirred up the whole situation, many people were stating that they are failing to log in to the app and many of the drivers were stating that they are stuck with their respective orders which made the leaders of the company act upon it as they were trying to do the damage control by tweeting out the issue that they are facing and they insured their customers that they are countering the problems that they are facing and it is going to be resolved in no time.

One person even tweeted that can someone tell him that why has Doordash logged him out and now he has the food of some people and the app is not letting him log in, the company tweeted about an hour later that the technical issue has been resolved forgot but they didn’t tell the reason that caused this whole situation.

It seems like that the company is back on its track but many of the people are asking about the reason for the issue as many of the customers and many of the employees who are working for door dash are pretty curious so as to what has happened, for now, it seems like the issue has been resolved and the internet outrage has been stopped but if this issue comes back then it is going to be really troublesome for the company as this issue can really cause them a huge loss.

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