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Donald Trump Insurance Fraud Scam: Trump Organization Insurance Investigation Golf-Course


Donald Trump Insurance Fraud Scam: When we talk about most businesses, when there is a freakish thunderstorm that is flooding your golf course would probably be determined as a crisis, especially after facing the accusations of illegally modifying your course in a way that has caused water damage to the building of your neighbor but most businesses aren’t run by Donald Trump. When a deluge flooded the Trump organization Westchester’s County Golf course and a nearby town in the year 2011, the organization was using a wildly inflated chain in order to score an insurance payout which is nearly 1.3 Million, it seems they pulled in far more than what it was spent to repair the damage. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Insurance Fraud Scam

The previously unreported insurance claim at Trump National Golf Course in the village of Briarcliff Manor far outstripped the cost in order to repair the damages which were about $130,000 to $150,000, this has been stated by one of the sources, a former employee of Briarcliff ha stated, the superficial repairs were made to the damaged parts of the court but the work was never completed, they basically band-aided it.

It seems like the insurer withheld a portion because of the Trump Organization which failed to produce the required receipts, this has been stated some other sources, both the sources have direct knowledge of the Trump Organization’s operations and they spoke on the condition because they never wanted to compromise the ongoing investigation.

It was the New York Times that reported about the investigation in the first place, they stated at the time that the Trump’s organization have been accused of misleading the local officials when it comes to the value of the property in order to reduce its taxes, it was noted by the newspaper that the full scope of the inquiry wasn’t determined at the time.

The Trump organization ultimately paid the town $50,000 to settle in the lawsuit but under the terms of the settlement, they did not admit any wrongdoing, this is according to the copy of the settlement which has been obtained under a request of New York’s Freedom of Information Law, the settlement came on 12th July in the year 21016 and a few days before Trump accepted the Republican nomination for being the President of the United States.

It seems like the latest allegations are going to end up in a problem for the former president of the United States, the company is already facing so many court cases, they will have another to take care of if the allegations are going to be taken seriously by the authorities, the investigation seems to be going on as of this point in time.

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