There has been a new issue that the Dominos has faced recently as their servers got hacked by a hacker and he pulled out the data of their customers but the company has stated that the financial information is still intact as the hacker couldn’t access that for some reason.


It has been stated by one of the cybersecurity researchers who is pretty renowned naming Rajshekhar Rjaharia that the people who have the access to the portal of the hacker are spying on the customers as they know the location of them and are also seeing the order date and time which is a serious issue as the address of many of the people are exposed out there and it can be used for all the wrong reasons which have created a difficult situation for the company.

This has been stated that a hacker has released the data of the customers of the pizza company Domino’s and this information has been shared by one of the experts in cybersecurity and the company has come out with a statement that they admit that this blunder has happened but they have stated that the financial information of the customers hasn’t been leaked and their financial data is going to remain safe. The details of the customers are being used to spy on the customers and it seems like that this can turn out to be a really devastating situation for any of the customers and the company can be in trouble if something happens to one of the customers.

It has been stated that about 18 crore customers data has been leaked in India and it is all out in the public, it has been stated that a search engine has been created by the hacker which he created on the dark web and it is fact now that if you have ordered from dominos then your data is probably floating somewhere on the internet.

Jubilant food works who are the owners of Dominos have stated that the financial data hasn’t been lost but the location and the order details have been leaked by the hacker and the privacy of the customers has been breached. They have also stated that they don’t have a policy of saving the card details of the customer so everything is sort when it comes to the financial aspect, the part which is the worst about all of this is that the people are spying on many of the customers that can lead to something really devastating.


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