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Who Is Dominick Krankall? Fundraiser For 6-Year-Old Burned In Alleged Bully Attack Raises Over $240K


Who Is Dominick Krankall? Fundraiser For 6-Year-Old Burned In Alleged Bully Attack Raises Over $240K: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines that are about a 6-year-old, Dominick Krankall who was burnt by his nasty neighbor. The news of the 6-year-old has left everyone shocked. It was really a shocking incident. The news of the incident is also going viral on the internet and collecting huge attention from the netizens who are reacting to the news continuously. People have been sharing their thoughts on the incident. There are several people who want to know what exactly happened to 6 years old. In this article, we are going to provide you with more information about the incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dominick Krankall

Who Is Dominick Krankall?

As per the reports, Dominick Krankall was first assaulted by an 8 years old boy when Dominic was 6. Dominic was brutally burnt by a nasty neighbor whose face and legs had second and third-degree burns, and his entire body was swollen and bandaged after being attacked by his neighbor. At the time Dominic was assaulted by an eight years old boy, he was playing in his Bridgeport backyard on Sunday. The 8 years old child retrieved gasoline and a lighter from the shed before asking the child to contact him, as per the reports of NBC New York.

Dominick Krankall Fundraiser Raises Over $240K

Dominic Krankall from Connecticut was burnt brutally after an eight-year-old neighbor doused a tennis ball with gasoline ahead of lighting it on fire and throwing it at the boy’s face. As per the reports of the authorities, the probe is still ongoing. The Bridgeport Police Department, Bridgeport Fire Department, and State Fire Investigation Teams are presently investigating the incident to find the exact reason behind the neighbor’s action of burning a youngster.

Dominick Krankall: Age, Instagram, Photos, Parents

However, there is no information has come yet regarding the 8 years old suspected. Dominic’s parents are heartbroken and are currently going through a tough time. His parents believe that their son Dominic was targeted. On the other hand, the 8-year-old’s mother claimed that her son is innocent. Dominic’s mother told WTNH that her son was reportedly tortured and someone has purposely thrown a gasoline-soaked ball at his face that caused the fire. A GoFundMe page has been made on which people have been donating money for the treatment of Dominic. So far, the page has raised funds of over $76,000. We hope that Dominic will be alright soon. If we will get more information about the incident, we will let you know for sure till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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