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Dominic Perrottet NSW Premier: Perrottet welcomes ‘freedom day’ in New South Wales


Dominic Perrottet NSW Premier: Premier Dominic Perrottet has got a new haircut and was enjoying a beer at the pub as he welcomed the easing of the restrictions for the people who have fully vaccinated residents who are all across New South Wales on Monday. Dominic Perrottet has asked the residents to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dominic Perrottet NSW Premier

Dominic Perrottet NSW Premier

The state is going to reopen for the fully vaccinated which is happening after 100 days after Great Sydney was plunged because of the Coronavirus which led to the lockdown in the state, Premier addressed the media about the easing of restrictions as there is going to be a grand opening of the Watson’s Pub in Sydney’s Moore Park on Monday, this is going to call as the “freedom day”.

It has been a really difficult 100 days but the efforts of the people have made the situation easier as people got vaccinated and the scenario which we are seeing right now has been enabled because of the constant efforts of the citizens of the state. There are going to be further challenges and he again asked all of the people to respect and be kind to others and to take personal responsibility as a responsible citizen.

He further stated, there are going to be further issues but there are going to be many young people pulling beers today, there are going to be tabled at the restaurants which are going to be served after a while now, he has advised the citizens to be patient and to look out for each other in these times.

He held the press conference after going through the haircut at Barberrhood, the reopening of NSW to the people who are fully vaccinated which is going to happen on Monday, this has come after 70 percent of the eligible population rolled up their sleeves during the last week for two doses of Covid-19 jab.

Fitness lovers are also going to be allowed to return to the gym, 10 people will be able to visit home while the funerals and weddings can hold up to 100 people, personal services such as beauty salons, hairdressers and massage parlors are going to get reopened having a density limit of five clients at a time.

It seems like there are going to be further challenges as the state reopens for the vaccinated people, it seems like the authorities are on their toes and they will keep a check that everything is running smoothly and swiftly.

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