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Dogecoin Memes Hike Twitter Flooded The Meme-Based Cryptocurrency


Twitter is flooded with so many memes of Dogecoin telling about the tremendous hike in the currency. The currency is soaring in the stock market and people are sharing thousands of memes referring to this unbelievable plot. GameStop, a struggling video game retailer has recorded a remarkable transformation from a dying company into a holder of around US$23 billion business. The companies shares got skyrocketed from US$96.80 to $347.50 in just a few days. This directly meant that whoever held the shares in this company, got super-rich in just a moment.

Dogecoin Memes Hike Twitter Flooded The Meme-Based Cryptocurrency

Actually, dogecoin is known as a cryptocurrency which has been invented by the software engineer Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. This payment system is instant, fun, exciting, and also free from traditional banking fees. The coins feature the friendly face of the Shiba Inu dog that is its logo too. It was first introduced on 6th December 2013 and now its market share is worth $5,382,875,412. Recently, an astonishing hike has been noted in its market value and people who owned it, have got suddenly reach it. This scenario has made people share hilarious memes about this which can anyone eager to go and buy Dogecoin.

The Twitter accounts account of many people across the world are such weird and compelling telling about this soar, that you can’t control your smile on this. Though a few people take interest in the share market this dogecoin has made the people think over again on their decision of not taking part in this business. Comments and posts are broadly liked and shared all about with funny memes. There are some memes too, which differ from the rest in the manner of illustrating the condition but the idea is all same. People are expressing their moments of joy with GIFs and Images that how they felt after listening to this news.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is considered somewhat more famous and reliable than any other currency but everyone has got a break now. People are making getting more attracted toward Dogecoin in the comparison of Bitcoin. Earlier, a few trading apps and platforms have also come into existence after which online tutorials and internet content is helping people to step into the world of the share market. You can even try it too, but make sure at every stage that you don’t come through some kind of “Scam”.

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