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What happened to Technoblade? Does Technoblade have cancer? Minecraft YouTuber’s hiatus explained


There is a piece of sad news for the fans of the streamer and content creator techno blade who has announced recently, he has been diagnosed with cancer. In the latest video which the creator has posted, Technoblade has confirmed about him being diagnosed with cancer on 2nd August after he visited a doctor to get a look at his right arm which he did at the end of the month of July.


Does Technoblade Have Cancer?

The content creator and streamer of Minecraft, Technoblade has informed his recent break was because of being diagnosed with cancer. In the recent video, the content creator confirmed on 2nd August 2021, he was diagnosed after visiting a consultant to get his right arm looked at. He further said, at the end of the month of July 2021, he started experiencing soreness in his right arm. Later taking some days off to rest, he was thinking this pain could be due to a stress-related injury as he playing many games, later on, his right shoulder started to swell and he finally decided to consult a doctor. After many scans conducted by the doctor, he gets to know that this issue with his arms was happened by a tumor. As per the instruction of the doctor, he has begun chemotherapy treatment and it has been going well.

He is at 22 and he started experiencing soreness in his right arm, he took a few days off to take some rest, he thought it is some form of stress-related injury as he has been playing too many games. His right shoulder started to swell after which he decided to get an appointment, when he visited the doctor, he went through several scans and he got told the issue he is facing in his arm is because of the tumor, he has started off chemotherapy since then to prevent the disease from growing and the process has been going pretty well, although he has stated, his energy is pretty low as of this point in time.

It seems like some of the people are calling it silly to have a cartoon Minecraft footage playing in such a serious matter, but the fans were pretty happy as he has started uploading content again and he has stated before he has to go for another chemotherapy session he is going to play as many games as possible, he further stated he has full belief in his doctors and this is the reason why he is totally calm and the Youtuber has also decided to donate to cancer research facilities and his friend Awesamdude also decided to do a charity stream to earn some money for the cancer patients. We all wish for him to get a speedy recovery and we hope he gets better after the treatment as we want him to keep entertaining people.


He stated the first couple of days were pretty chill for him, he further stated, he thought to himself, this is so easy but then everything kicked in and he went to zero, it was absolutely nill and he also describes how tired he was was was felt. In the video it can be seen, the content creator was in pretty good spirits, he was joking and stated he told the doctors to just cut off his arm because he has already won enough Minecraft competitions and he can just play with his feet going forward and he was stating how much he is looking forward to continuing on his content creation.

After he got diagnosed, he has been making many phone calls as he has been informing all of his distant members about the critical situation, he stated, all of the phone calls he has made, the most saad person was his health insurance provider, they have been feeling numb after hearing the news. He also used his platform to make sure that everyone is following the protocols of wearing masks and getting vaccinated, he further stated to the viewers to do research about vaccines and not to believe a random Minecraft Youtuber.

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