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Does Professor Die In Money Heist Season 5? Álvaro Morte Character Explained!


Money Heist has become of the most-watch and talked web series in recent days. The watchers are excitedly waiting to watch what will happen in the next season. However, the series is at its ending with season 5. Along with the series, the characters of the series have also become very famous among the viewers. Each character of the series has its own effect and charm along with a huge fan base. So, we are going to talk about one such character of the series that is “The Professor”. Several fans are searching for him online stating “Does The Professor Die in Money Heist Season 5?”

Does Professor Die In Money Heist Season 5?

Does Professor Die In Money Heist Season 5?

First, we will start with the name of the character which is Sergio Marquina (The Professor). ‘Alvaro Morte is portraying the role of the professor’. At the end of season 4, we have seen that the professor’s life was in danger as he was at the gunpoint of the evil Alicia Sierra who is the Spanish police. The end of the fourth season left the fans in suspense that what happened to the Professor. So, here we would like to tell you that the Professor doesn’t die in the first part of Money Heist Season 5.

In the initial episodes of season 5, it doesn’t bode well for the Professor as Sierra has been trying to extort details from him related to his plans for the ongoing heist. However, he doesn’t reveal anything to her because of which she shoots him on his feet. Later, Benjamin and Marseille reach there with their men but still, Sierra managed to defeat them and take them all captive. By then Sierra gets into her labor pain.

In her intense pain, she enlists a professor and others to help her give birth to her child, whom she names Victoria. After that, there is a moment in the bathroom where she prepares herself to potentially fight and run away. After that, the professor draws her attention to the chaotic heist in progress in Part 2 of Season 5.

There is good news for all fans that the release date for Part 2 has been announced now. Part 2 of Money Heist Season 5 is scheduled to be released on 03 December 2021 on the Netflix app. Part 2 is going to be the last installment of the series for its all fans. Part 2 has five episodes in which the story of the series will end. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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