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Does Posie LaBrant have cancer? YouTube’s LaBrant Family Receives Backlash for “Cancer” Documentary


An emotional video is recently posted on social media which made the users emotional. American bloggers The LaBrant Fam recently uploaded a video of 42-min-long on their official channel on Saturday, 28th August 2021. Cole and Savannah posted the video and the title of the documentary video is “She got diagnosed with cancer”. In the video, Savannah is listened to talking about Posie perhaps having cancer and how they are handling and dealing with her health issues.

Posie LaBrant

Does Posie LaBrant have cancer?

The fans started expressing their concerns about the health of Posie Labrant but now the question is does the daughter of the bloggers really struggling with cancer? Though the duo is now getting backlash after their followers get to know about the truth of the documentary video.

The truth is that their daughter Posie does not have any health issues and she is not struggling with any cancer. Despite Savannah and Cole started the video by talking about them being persuaded that their daughter Posie could have the illness unsettled to her health issues, the duo later confirms that Posie is safe and she doesn’t struggle with cancer. The duo has two more children, Zealand Cole LaBrant and Everleigh Rose Soutas.

In the description of the video, the bloggers mentioned that Posie is “Ok and healthy as well, but not all parents get the similar good news like we get to heard.” Although they attained that they were trying to layout the awareness of cancer amongst the users through their latest documentary video, both Cole and Savannah are being seriously criticized on social media for framing their title of the video in such a manner that many believe in the fact that Posie was suffering from cancer.

LaBrant Documentary Video Explained 

The reason that draws the attention of the followers of The LaBrant Family annoy is the fact that Savannah and Cole have their documentary video showing the visits of Posie to the doctor and the frightened they experienced when they get to know that their daughter maybe has cancer. Though, they unveil the truth later on and explain that the motive of their video is just to spread awareness about cancer while displaying the struggles of parents who are struggling for the lives of their children.

The documentary video which is details three families, whose children are battling cancer. Cole is seen congregate with each one of them in person while displaying their fights and conflict against the lethal disease.
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