Home Entertainment Does Logan Die In Home And Away? Spoiler Alert explored

Does Logan Die In Home And Away? Spoiler Alert explored


Does Logan Die In Home And Away? Spoiler Alert explored: If you are fans of “Home and Away” and looking for spoilers then you are on the right page. In this blog, we are sharing the spoilers of the show. It is only been a matter of days since Xander (role played by Luke Van Os) and Rose (role played by Kirsty Marillier) decided to move to Summer Bay permanently, after finding the existence of Jasmine (role played by Sam Frost), the sister they had never known about. Alexander, the father of Jasmine, had left her to be brought up by foster parents when she was just 6 years old, a year after her mother passed in a car accident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Does Logan Die In Home And Away

Does Logan Die In Home And Away?

He had met the mother of Rose when she was already pregnant with her and brought Rose up as his own daughter. Xander later followed and the family was happy together until the death of Alexender in an accident a few weeks back. When Jasmine was named in the will of the father, Xander and Rose came to Summer Bay in order to find her, and though she had originally turned them away, she seemingly came around to the idea of having some family around.

Home And Away Spoiler Alert

Last week Jasmine and Rose sorted out their differences following a volleyball match Xander set up between the two, and when Xander informed Rose he was still considering transferring to the area in his job as a paramedic, police officer Rose informed him that she had already applied for a transfer to Yabbie Creek. It looks the siblings are here to stay! Although Jasmine had originally been concerned that the duo would discover small life boring as compared to all the dramas of the big city, the 3 are shoved together on a major incident this week.

Xander and Jasmine are driving along when they come across a severe car accident. The duo is stunned to discover that the driver of one of the cars is none other than Logan (role played by Harley Bonner)! Whilst he comes up to be unhurt, Logan is in shock. As Jasmine tends to him, Xander goes to check on the driver of the other car, Millie (role played by Zara Zoe).

Millie is entirely covered in blood and miserably calling out for her pal Jo, a passenger in the car who is nowhere to be watched. But when Xander goes to look out for her, he makes an unwanted discovery. Millie starts to deteriorate and Xander and Jasmine are forced to carry out an urgent decompression procedure, just as police Rase and Cash (role played by Nicholas Cartwright) turn up on the scene.

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