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Does Gandia Die In Money Heist Season 5? Jose Manuel Poga character explained


The most awaited Spanish Crime Drama “Money Heist” is currently in the talk of the town. The advertisement of this series was also unique and from the day it is released on the OTT Platform, everyone around is only talking about characters of this season. The first bank of episodes or “Volume 1” of the 5th season already drops today around 12:30 IST and the watchers hardly control their expectations at all. The 4th season’s major hair-raiser ending had the show’s pious fanbase grieving the loss of everyone’s favorite character Nairobi who was assassinated by Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) in the finale of 4th season of the MH series.


Does Gandia Die In Money Heist Season 5?

Now the admirers of the series are all set for the Dali-Mask wearing robbers to grace the phone screens for one last time. The series has already created hype amongst the viewers and they are desperately keen to know more about the characters. The series insane popularity often stems from a discussion on its roles on the social media platform and a particular character that looking to have to cause a little bit of pain and hatred for the out lookers which is Arturo Roman or “Arturito”.

Watchers came to an accord at the end of the 4th season that he is surely the worst character in the series and everyone hates him. A down-right mean, Shoddy role who definitely everyone dislikes, throughout the journey, he only received hate from the side of the audience. He is untruthful, cheating on his wife, he wants his secretary who is deception on with to get rid of the baby after getting her expectant, the list goes on.

Fans sharing their views on Twitter and it seems like it’s high time “Arturito” need be out of the series this team for real. People share their reactions on Twitter as one person wrote “If this man does not kill tomorrow in Money Heist I am coming to Spain myself.” Another person wrote, “We are all set to watch the funeral of Arturito”. One more person wrote, “Can not wait to Hate You again Arturito”.

One more user wrote, “Money Heist S5 today. If Gandia and Arturito are not dead in this season then it cancels to watch #MoneyHeist.” So readers do watch this chapter 5 on Netflix and share their views with us in the comment box and stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates of season 5.

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