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Does Arturo Die In Money Heist Season 5? Part 1 ending explained!


Money Heist is the most entertaining Web Series on the Ott platform these days. As we all know that it is at its last episode of Season 5. The audience is getting curious to know more about it. So in this article, we will be going to unveil the truth about whether Arturo has died or not. If yes then how? So read the full article to know “Will Arturo de or not?” So season five part one was aired on September 3rd. Whereas the audience is now getting curious about the second part of the season which will be going to be aired on December 3rd.

Arturo Die In Money Heist Season 5

Does Arturo Die In Money Heist Season 5?

So after the first episode, the fans are now left in a question and speculated suspense whether Arturo actually dies or not? FSASo here is a big question in the mind of the fans “Will Arturo die in season five part two?” Now Money Heist is all set to come back with a more suspenseful twist and on the future of the internet sensation. While we have seen the first two episodes of the new series we have seen that Arturo played a specific and important part in the proceedings.

Well, let’s take a look at the episode in when Arirtu tel his hostages to leaves out the spot as he felt that the gang is ready to surrender. Where there is a storage of the weapons Artur0i took the stages along with the manager of the bank. Then he goes out of control and started to shoot with those machine guns, teasing Denver about his most close person or a partner Stockholm.

Arturo is a father of the son of Stockholms and seen teasing Denver, it clearly shows that he was trying his best to make her angry. He didn’t aware of the fact that Stockholm has been overheard in his conversation and he falls from the forklift ceiling and also to threatened to shoot him.

Then Arturo tells Stolcholm and says that she will never ever going to see her son, then she pulled the trigger and shoot him. It is Seema .like that he will be going to sites but Tokyo and Manila will manage to bring back his breaths and through him put off the bank. Stockholm found herself in guilt and in the final two series it is to be seen that Arturo died.

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