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Do you Know Kevin Pietersen’s Favourite Ground? It’s Kia Oval!


Kevin Pietersen, the most captivating name in the cricket world and the best England batsman, recently recalled his Kia oval memories. Pietersen spoke about the historic 2005 series and how he played the Ashes game at this cricket stadium. He gets nostalgic while narrating his best memories at Oval Stadium in London.

Kevin Pietersen

In a video produced by cricket betting site Betway, he recalls the vibrant atmosphere of the ground when he went into batting for the first time for England. Though his cricket career was filled with so many controversies, still with his strong gameplay, he managed to be the 3rd highest run chaser for England in all formats.

While sharing his memories, he talks about the test innings between India and England in 2005. During the 2nd inning, he successfully scored 158 runs, helped England secure the position, and took out the series by 2-1 after 18 years.

Pietersen reminds us of when he knocked out the former Indian skipper and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni during the England tour of India in 2007.

Pietersen remembers the final moment of the match held between India and England in 2011 and tells how he was in a panic situation as he came down for batting. That time he said he didn’t even have a couple of minutes to think about batting.

He recalls a wipe-out inning in 2011 with India, which created history on its own. Pietersen also recalls the memory at the ground with former Indian captain Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Thirty yards away, “Just Over There,” Alastair Cook was standing to catch the ball, he said. Can you guess who the batter was?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni knocked me down for the monster six, which almost went out of the Oval Stadium. I remember as I got the next ball back and MS Dhoni, “Dude, I’m afraid to say you’re in there (signaling gestures to the pocket) And I am not in the pocket. The series was full of excitement and a real thriller stuck into my head forever.

In the end, Kevin Pietersen says the memories look unreal, but whenever I look back at the time, it makes me feel special whenever I go back to the place.

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