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Dj Uncle Waffles: Drake Uncle Waffles after this video viral on the internet: WATCH


Dj Uncle Waffles: Drake Uncle Waffles after this video viral on the internet: WATCH: It seems like every social media user has come across the video which made Uncle Waffles into an overnight hit and from what we know, the viral moment got notices by Drake, it seems like Drake is following Uncle Waffles on social media, there is a fan who has completely tranced by the DJ Amapiano who was performing for the waffles on the decks. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Dj Uncle Waffles

Dj Uncle Waffles Video

He was surrounded by his close-knit supporters, Waffles got lost in the music and the event venue was enjoying the moment with her epic dance moves, as the video was released on the internet, the video started gaining huge numbers when it comes to viewership, it has spread faster than wildfire.



The viral video has been shared so many times across social media, it caught the attention of Drake, his new album is on the course of returning to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Albums chart, it has been five weeks since the album got released.

SA’s Newest Viral Sensation

The real name of the Dj is Lungelihle Zwane, she has completed her metric in the year 2017, and then she went straight to work, the most interesting part is getting to know a little bit about Zwane that she suffers from anxiety, it has been revealed by the 21-year-old, her mental health condition has hindered a lot of things in the course of her life.

There is not much to the story as of now, it seems like she has become a sensation on the internet in no time, people are talking about her dance moves all over the internet, she was a treat to watch in the video and the common conclusion of the public is that she is a sensation.

There are going to be further revelations in the story and we are definitely going to be updating you about the further happenings and developments in the story as soon as something comes under our radar, it seems like she is suffering from anxiety and all of this attention is going to be a difficulty for her to handle for sure but the people around her are going to be there for her.

We hope to see her more often as she is truly a brilliant dancer as it was seen in the video and people are looking forward to seeing more of her work as an artist.

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