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‘Dirty Dancing’ Nanny Dance With A Daddy On TikTok Video Go Viral


Lizzy Norton’s video is getting viral. She is a many as she looks after two children of couple Andrews and Rachel. Rachel is a Tik Tok user and she uses to shoot a dance video of her husband along with Lizzy, they both danced on Dirty Dancing and the video has been crossed 8.1 million views. So in this article, you will be going to read about the content of the video and how the users use to react to it.

Nanny Dance

Nanny Dance With A Daddy On Tik Tok Getting Viral:-

Rachel followed a handle @raypo3, and she posted the video of her husband and dancing along with their many. They both danced on Dirty Dancing. The clip shows a content of a first series in which we can see a Dad comes back home b after a nanny leaves from there. And this creates criticism on the internet.

The video starts with Lizzie picks a father of a kid and them he uses to do the same with her, ‘this he uses to her breasts. And they tried to follow Dirty Dancing. And they will keep up with the iconic dancing and gues on and on. And his wife keeps on shooting them.


The clip has been creating criticism as the content of the video is, inappropriate for the users. One of the users wrote, “I was also a nanny of this family for six years and I never used to be didi something like this, nit even 5 percent if it.”

Another user commented which reads, “I will never gonna do something like this being a wife, and how could a wife shoot a video of her unsaved with someone else.”

While some of the users are commented that there might be a secret relationship between them. And could a wife be fine with such an act of her husband in front of her?

But few of the users are claiming that “There is nothing wrong in the video as the nanny is looking like his sister figure and so elder than him.”

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