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Different Types of Phone Cases


Every smartphone requires external factors like moisture, dust, and even fall damage. It becomes harder to maintain your smartphone without the smartphone cases, and it may break. That‘s why expensive smartphone users like the iOS community always use the custom iPhone case to protect the expensive device from any kind of damage which requires hefty repairs. That’s why it’s essential to use smartphone cases to protect the smartphone.

Different Types of Phone Cases

Although many brands provide a free case with the smartphone, it doesn’t provide much protection. You should buy the best quality phone cases from the market. But, you should know which one to buy as there is a wide variety of phone cases in the markets. If you are interested in learning more about phone cases, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information about the smartphone cases, so you can decide which case will provide the best protection for your smartphone and choose the same.

Types of Smartphone Cases

#1 – TPU Cases

The TPU cases are the typical transparent cases often paired with the smartphone itself. Many smartphone brands provide a free case with the smartphone for initial protection. It’s a transparent plastic case, which is quite flexible. The best thing about this case is that it’s free except that it’s of no use. With the TPU cases, your smartphone is safe from scratches but doesn’t protect it from any kind of damage. So, when you have a cheap smartphone or don’t use the device roughly, using the low-quality TPU case will help you protect the device. Otherwise, it’s better to check out the new cases.

#2 – Hard Shell Cases

Just as the name, the Hard Shell cases are the ones that are made with high-grade plastic. The high-quality plastic provides hardness and makes it one of the best cases for smartphones. Due to the hardness, it becomes easier for the users to protect the device from fall damage. Such cases are molded and will last for a long time. When you have an expensive smartphone, it’s better to choose the hard shell cases, as they will last longer and protect all-around protection from your smartphone.

#3 – Silicone Cases

Silicone smartphone cases are in trend nowadays. They are very similar to the plastic TPU cases in appearance and even texture, but they are made with the Liquid Silicone material, which is quite flexible and soft. You can have the Silicone cases with a soft and comfortable grip, which is quite suitable if you use the smartphone for a long time. Also, the matte finish makes it easier for the users to hold the device properly. The best thing about such cases is that it comes with full-proof protection to the smartphone. The liquid silicone material blended with the plastic and other materials absorbs the shocks from the fall damage efficiently. If you need comfort and protection at the same time, then you should choose silicone cases.

#4 – Skins

Skins are not technically phone cases, but they are on the list due to their popularity. The skins are nothing but paper or other material, which is cut into the shape of the smartphone back and can stick to the phone’s back. It’s good to protect the device’s backside from any kind of scratches and provide aesthetic value to the device. But when it comes to protection from fall damage, they are useless. You can also use the Smartphone skins on the cases to get protection and improve the looks.

Final Words

You may get confused after seeing the wide range of phone cases when you go to any offline shop. You will get confused while seeing the online catalog of the cases. But if you know which one to buy, you all have to do is to decide the design and you are ready. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information on the different types of smartphones cases. Just get the best one that suits your needs and protects your smartphone.

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