Home News Diepsloot Shutdown 2022: South Africans Fight Foreigners

Diepsloot Shutdown 2022: South Africans Fight Foreigners


Diepsloot Shutdown 2022: South Africans Fight Foreigners: A piece of shocking news is coming from South Africa, residents from the Diepsloot township in Gauteng have embarked on a 2-day shutdown from Wednesday (6th April 2022), demanding more police units in the area as crime has been on a steady rise. Whilst the protest action has not started yet, as per Johannesburg cops mouthpiece Brenda Muridili, cops have marshaled extra units to the area to attempt and contain the protest. Muridili informed the news outlet that “The situation is Diepsloot is peaceful. Protest action has not yet commenced, but there is high police visibility in the area for any eventuality.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Diepsloot Shutdown 2022

Diepsloot Shutdown 2022

Talking at the time of the live broadcast on Wednesday morning, Muridili stated residents have met with cops in the area, asking for more police visibility and cops resources in Diepsloot. Online reports suggest citizens in the area are protesting to put an end to crime and violence that has devastated the area. The murder rate in Diepsloot is a hot topic of discussion for residents in the area. Muridili further stated new recruits were not taken into the SAPS due to Covid-19 and made it tough to deploy new units to the area.

She stated residents made a call for more cops resources in Diepsloot 2 years ago. Muridili stated “After the SAPS management met with the community there were some changes that were made, so the TRT (tactical response team) were hired there for many months, and the area was stabilized up until now. Video footage appeared on the web viewing residents burning tires and other rubble to block off the road. The video views numerous fires burning in a line along a street on Tuesday night.

But Muridili stated the burning was not the part of the protest as citizens just “burnt those things and left.” Residents are demanding more police units in the area as crime has been on a steady rise and they allege foreign nationals of being behind the crime. SA Federation of Trade Unions general-secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has condemned the sprouting anti-foreign campaigns direct by Operation Dudula calling them a scapegoat for the capitalist crisis.

Research Analyst Shephard Dube states the anti-foreign operation should not target ordinary people but should put the accusation on the African National Congress.

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