Did Metricon Ceo Mario Biasin Commit Suicide? Cause of Death Revealed: It is with great sadness to inform you that Mario Biasin, CEO of Metricon, has recently passed away. His age was 71 years. The cause of death had not been revealed yet. This news has spread all over the internet. Every news channel and social media site was covering them. People are searching on many social media sites to know more about him and his family. They want to know how he died and what caused his death. We have mentioned his educational background as the reason for his death. So keep reading this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mario Biasin

Did Metricon Ceo Mario Biasin Commit Suicide?

As you already know, he is the CEO of Metricon, a company that deals in home builders. His sudden demise has shocked everyone. Sources say that Biasin died on Monday while he was resting. Biasin’s untimely death was confirmed by an executive from his company, Metricon. Although Metricon’s official announcement simply mentioned Bysin’s untimely death, it did not identify the cause of his death. This afternoon we are mourning the sudden and unexpected death of Mario Biasin, the company’s founder and CEO, Metricon Homes tweeted. Mario jointly founded Metricon in 1976, making it a leader in the industry. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Biasin family.

Who was Mario Biasin?

He met his future wife Glenda Byssin while in college. Both broke the class and both had a good time with each other. Whenever they meet, the two go on a Disney Land and Adventure World trip to spend some time together. Both enjoyed it a lot. And both like to meet him. On November 27, 2021, Mario and Glenda celebrated their wedding anniversary and a picture of the occasion was also uploaded to Twitter.

Mario Biasin Cause of Death Revealed

Galenda prefers to keep her personal life private, and so does Mario keep details about his wife to himself to protect his privacy. Unfortunately, we don’t know Glenda’s date of birth. But looking at his pictures. Looks like she was in her sixties. And she was leading a happy married life. Galenda has dark hair and a light complexion and yet looks stunning. There is no mention of their divorce in the media and Glenda took good care of her husband. Mario and Glenda also had four children named Brent, Michelle Crisfield, and Jason Biasin.

Mario Biasin Net Worth

According to sources, Mario Biasin’s net worth was about $60 million which was insane. Talking about Metricon’s revenue, it was about $200 million.


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