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DHS Homeland Security: Threats Ahead Of 9/11: DHS Warning


There has been a warning has been given by the Homeland Security Department as they have issued a warning on Friday which was regarding the heightened threat environment as we talk about the 20th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attacks. It has been stated by DHS, the anniversary could serve as the motivator when it comes to the terror groups and they further stated America is under a potential threat of terrorism as of this point.

DHS Homeland Security

DHS Homeland Security

It has been stated DHS is going to continue to evaluate and identify the calls which are related to violence. It is also about the disinformation which gets spread online which is mostly false narratives and conspiracy theories. What they are trying to say is, the extremist are a danger to society as they will seek to exploit the Covid-19 variants emergence which is for the re-establishment of public health.

When it comes to the reopening of the institutions, it includes schools and many other places which is going to be an opportunity for violence and this is why the authorities are stating to the citizens to inform them about any kind of threat which they are going to feel is suspicious. It seems like the country is going to be on its toes when it comes to the foreign intelligence, military, and the police forces who are going to be making sure the safety of the citizens and they are going to be making sure, the day doesn’t become a victim of another attack by the terrorists.

DHS has made sure to make this public, just to make sure the citizens also understand their responsibility as a citizen of the country and to inform the authorities if they feel like something is not right or if they get to know about any kind of threats.

The authorities are also going to be punishing the people who are going be spreading lies and rumors which can sabotage the peace and is going to make the public panic, such rumors are not going to be entertained by the authorities and they are going to make sure to question the individual if he is trying to create panic amongst the public. 9/11 has been one of the most horrific attacks by terrorist groups and the anniversary is going to presenting the martyrs who laid their lives to save the citizens of the country.

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